Welcome To My Page

var HuatZhi = "A 24 years old kid who make a hobby out of coding and tank the game out of free time. He who also have a lots of views that goes against the social norm."

About Me

Nah, I'm not going to start with normal way of introducing me-self. I am a mischievious kid who like to have fun on doing everything possible.

Coding, gaming, debating, and looks, I even reinvent my own grammars on last paragraph just to make everything more fun!! Aren't you just covering up that you aren't that good in grammer? Shut up!

Oh and I like LOVE to talk and listen. A lot. But... Just not 'what' topics, but 'how' topics.

Coding as Hobby

Yaay~~ Linux in Mac.. Er hem... I like to have fun with coding. However, I prefer constantly having flashy new stuff when doing it.

I started as native PHP/JS programmer when I actually start learning coding from my freelancing friend. I took up a Ruby on Rails bootcamp to learn more best practices because I wasn't unsatisfied. That was only the initial motive.

I end up liking ROR a lot. It make me want to explore and learn more cool stuffs.

Logical Tanking

"Once you get the feel, you will play well." "It's all about RNG!"

NO! As much as you couldn't win all the game because of RNG, its more about your decisions affect the odds of winning or losing the game. The win rate is simply the result of the odds.